Path-Light Ministries

Path-Light Ministries is faith-based, non-profit recovery home – a safe place for clients to overcome and recover from addictions, dysfunctional lifestyles and abusive relationships. Trying to start life over after being in one of these types of situations is a tough road to face without a solid foundation.
The goal of our home is to provide a way out of hurts, habits and hang-ups through prayer and guidance. The types of guidance we offer are workshops such as the NMSU Family Wellness Program, Nava for counseling and anxiety relief, the 12 Step Celebrate Recovery Program as well as group classes and constant one-on-one counseling within the Path-Light home. Areas taught are parenting, anger management, life skills, codependency, coping skills and Discipleship. The Word of God is what we base the foundation of this program on. We help women restore their roles in life to reintegrate back into a productive lifestyle. We ask a minimum commitment from the women of six months. Our program is a six month to year program depending on the needs of the client.

Now that you know a little bit about our program, here’s how you can help. Because Path-Light Ministries is a non-profit organization and is available at no cost to clients with no income, the needs can be quite extensive. The majority of our clients come from the streets and arrive with no clothing or hygiene items, but are in need of them immediately. We do not receive any type of assistance from the state nor any other organization. We support the home on what income the staff can raise. We do not send our clients out to the streets to raise money unless we are having a home fundraiser which the staff and clients participate in as a group. Each of the clients do apply and are most generally accepted for food stamps, so food is not as much of a need that we have, though it is still well accepted and appreciated. You will see below a list of items that are needed in greatest supply.
There are several future goals of this ministry that can only be made possible with your financial support. Eventually, we would like there to be three steps in all to the program, number one being the current home where the clients focus on their sobriety and are taught life skills as well as learn how to be great parents despite their previous shortcomings. The second would be another home to which they would move to for 6 months up to a year depending on individual needs. There, the women would seek employment and pay rent. The idea of this is to ease them back into society as new people rather than kick them out onto the street to find a job, a place to live and all the while continue to face their old temptations that, while in the first home, they were sheltered and protected from. The final step would be our “mentoring program” where each of the clients are mentored after leaving the home by another client (their accountability partner or sponsor) who would help them in making decisions, staying accountable to the law, and accountable to God.

Conclusion: We Need Your Help! Please strongly consider giving some level of support (whatever you’re capable of) in any of the following listed areas.

  • Learning supplies such as binders, folders, pencils, pens, highlighters, Bibles (recovery Bibes are great), teaching curriculum and journals.
  • Basic supplies such as laundry soap & fabric softener, toilet paper and feminine products, nice clothing, shoes, hygiene items, blow dryers, curling and flat irons.
  • Since the income of the Directors, Esther Burch and Charity Von Tress, goes into supporting the ministry, personal needs are too often sacrificed. Donations such as dog food, and gas as well as support toward rent and utilities are also greatly needed.
  • PLM supports up to four women at a time and must feed them as well as the staff, their children and, on visitation days, often the women’s family members as well. Our current kitchen table is not big enough even for the staff and their children and the clients alone, much less for guests. A large kitchen table and chairs suitable to seat 15 or more people is also much needed.
  • We are also in great need of a home. This could either be used as the second home for the program or a rent-free main PLM site. Support could be in the form of monetary support toward this or donation of estate, either of which is tax deductable.

If you would like to make a donation, you can make your check payable to Path-Light Ministries, or you can drop off items at the above listed address.
You can also see video testimonies of some of our graduates as well as to get a better idea of what the PLM home is all about and why we put so much into this ministry. Also feel free to call our office to set up a time to stop by to take a tour of the home.
With Much Gratitude,
Path-Light Ministries Staff